From the April 2015 Muscle car Review "Basket Case Chevelle" how to article: "While the Muscle Car Restorations team has plenty of experience with early auto wiring, their ace in the hole is a factory color coded diagram from Classic Car Wiring. These large laminated diagrams show the entire wiring for setup for the Chevelle. They allow the shop not only to verify that the new harness is correctly assembled but also to identify each plug or connector that will be used.


Dave M.

These wiring diagrams are absolutely amazing. So much better than the wiring diagrams in the original service manual. Thank you SO MUCH!

Phillip G.

I've owned and restored a lot of these older cars over the years and have found in most cases that individual wire insulation in the harness can be badly discolored however the harness as a whole will still be in great condition.
John's color coded schematics make it very easy to read and trace/follow without having to highlight or retrace several times as you do with a traditional b/w schematic. These color schematics are well worth the price and they are also laminate protected so there's no paper tearing or fading.
You won't be disappointed with these color schematics. Their awesome!

Buddy in Texas: 

I have a stock/restored 1951 Mercury Convertible that needed a complete re-wire. The chart was correct to the last wire color and saved me hours of time. It was one of the best investments made to complete this car.

Mike in Texas: 

I can't say enough good things about Classic Car Wiring. Call John Anastasio at 888.606.5319 and he'll fix you up. His diagrams are full COLOR coded and match the factory wiring colors perfectly. It really makes troubleshooting a snap, and made for easy reading with 45 year old eyes :-)

Dave (Apple Valley, CA) 

I just received the wiring diagram. No disappointments here. You've done a lot of work transcribing and in color yet. Looking at the schematic diagrams in the manuals really suck in comparison to yours. I will give you as much good feedback as I can. Thanks, Dave (Apple Valley, CA) 

Tony in NE

I just received my diagram today. Wow what a difference over what is in my factory assembly manual (4 confusing pages). I am putting in custom gauges for my '68 Camaro and was unsure how it was going to turn out until now. This will make the customizing much easier and faster. I am a member of a local car club and can assure you that they will know about your product.

Ed on ebay

Got it today and it is the coolest wiring diagram I have seen I solved my wiring problem 5 minutes after I looked at the chart . You have a good product and pos feedback will be left.

Greg in TX

Thanks for the great product! This has been so much easier to read than the old black and white schematics. I've already gotten so much wiring 
repaired under the dash with your sheets

Carolyn in AZ

Hi John; It's Carolyn. The mailman just brought Mickey's package with his new wiring guides. WOW!! Talk about speedy! It seems only yesterday we were discussing plural marriages and dumb blondes who couldn't figure out how to get into business websites! Well, it was great fun to meet you over eBay, and I think you offer a very important service. Thank you for a nice transaction.
Sincerely, Carolyn 

Ron on  ebay

Dear John,  I received the wiring diagram today. Thanks! It is a great product and has already answered one question I had about the car I bought. Thanks again, Ron

Bill from St Louis

This item is exactly as stated, talk about truth in advertising! AAAAAA++++++++

Jeff from Indiana

I just put my dash back in...couldn't have done it without without the diagram

Phillip G